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Track-iT (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in August 2002 when the company was granted the rights to implement a satellite tracking solution in Zimbabwe. In Sept 2002 the company commenced trading as Zimbabwe’s premier real time satellite tracking company, offering vehicle management and theft/hijack recovery solutions.

We employ over 30 individuals who are passionate about delivering the best possible service to our extensive client base.

We believe that the key to the successful implementation of a tracking solution is to use cutting edge technologies that are best suited to the local operating environment, backed up with international guarantees, local support and focused customer service.

Our focus

Our core focus is to provide clients with a solution that will save the client money through reduced accident rates, improved asset deployment, improved operational efficiency, reduced vehicle fuel costs, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and through improved driver.

We place the values of honesty, integrity, professionalism and discipline as the defining values of the company and we strive to deliver excellence in all we do.

Our competence

Relationship with Prime Supplier
With telematics being the mainstay of our business, we have maintained our relationship with our prime supplier for 19 years.

However Track-iT is in the enviable position of being independent to the point of being able to source the best technologies and solutions from the global market without being tied to a single supplier.

Access to International Support
Having maintained a relationship with our prime supplier since 2004 Track-iT has daily access to support via e-mail, SKYPE, and web administration. In addition regular face to face meetings and training sessions have been conducted. Our international suppliers have sold over 900,000 units worldwide and are thus stable and experienced in providing us with all the support we have ever requested.

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