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Take control of your fleet

We all know what it takes to keep your fleet on the road and these costs are increasing day by day…
Are you tracking these costs? Are you in control?

Our Core Business

We specialise in the remote monitoring of vehicles, fuel depots and fixed assets such as generators, fridges, cold rooms, pumps etc

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Vehicle Satellite Tracking

Cutting edge devices installed in your vehicle giving you access from anywhere to view vehicle status, locations, trip history and alerts.
Vehicle remote monitoring business

Remote Monitoring

Wireless sensors installed with a battery life of up to 10 years giving you complete control and management with threshold setup alerts.
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Fuel Management

Putting you in control of fuel usage throughout your supply chain, from underground stock management to capturing every dispensed transaction to the drop.

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Track your entire fleet in realtime

Real time vehicle tracking

With the latest generation of tracking technology, you can see your entire fleet in the palm of your hand no matter how big or small. Engine and driver management gives you full control over your assets and who’s driving them. Real time tracking, Historical tracking, Real time alerts, set parameters on each vehicle and any deviation activates mobile alerts CANbus engine management reports, over 40 reports automatically sent to your inbox.

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Remote vehicle monitoring

Remote monitoring

Over 80 autonomous sensor models that are easily deployed into any environment monitoring almost anything. Get instant alerts sent to your mobile with predefined thresholds.

1. Temperature and humidity
2. Motion and open/close detection
3. AC voltage detection and metering
4. Pulse and pressure metering
5. Air quality and velocity sensing
6. Gas monitoring

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We specialise in remote monitoring of fuel depots of every size

Remote fuel depot monitoring

With technology installed in your storage tanks, fuel dispensers and vehicles you have complete end to end control and automation.

1. Real time visibility over multiple tanks and sites
2. Patented authorization technology on every vehicle ensures only authorized dispensing
3. Fast, simple and secure

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Track-it satellite tracking app

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