Our unit encompasses an integrated “black-box” accident recorder.  This recorder captures  vital per-second  information  giving you the ability to immediately see what occurred within the last 120 seconds leading up to the accident.

The numerical accident data is backed-up with a detailed route-replay displayed on satellite imagery to see a visual reconstruction of events.

At your request we are able to compile an in-depth accident report which shows not only what  happened immediately prior to impact, but also looks at possible contributory factors such as driver fatigue, night driving, weekend driving, speeding history, road type etc.

Not only do these reports help you understand what happened and why, but such investigations are invaluable in determining the facts such that  you are able to:-

  • Determine the root cause so that action can be taken to eliminate or control similar occurrences.
  • Determine whether or not the accident was preventable by the driver.
  • Prove no-fault to your insurance provider, police, etc.

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