Speeding puts the safety of your employees and other road users at risk, damages to your reputation and increases liability.  Speeding also costs you more in fuel, maintenance/repairs and exposes you to potentially large insurance shortfalls.

Cutting costs is a never-ending battle for business owners.  When a cost-cutting measure actually increases safety, the decision needs little debate.   If your company’s management team is not putting appropriate focus on the issue of speeding you are wasting thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary fuel burn, accident related costs and maintenance costs.  

Consider that fuel generally equates to about 30% of total operating costs, and that the amount of fuel consumed is DIRECTLY proportional to the speed a truck is travelling.   A 22% reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved by simply reducing speeds from 90 to 80 km/h.

Consider the cost of speeding as detailed by the fuel consumption table AND accident injury tables below:-


The Track-iT system produces detailed speeding reports that highlight any vehicles that exceed the national or indeed user defined speed limits.  No need to log onto the system to download speeding reports – we will automatically e-mail you on a daily basis.

To compliment the automated reports we give you the ability to Investigate violations in detail through our Route Replay capability.

In addition you have unlimited 24hr real time visibility of your vehicles  positions and speeds, with the vehicle icon colour coded to  identify it’s speed  helping to quickly identify speed violations.

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