The challenge facing almost every business today is how to increase efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing customer service. With rocketing fuel prices, vehicle repair costs AND employee costs there is an ever increasing need to control what your vehicles are doing. This is where Track-iT comes in.

With the correct integration and implementation of Track-iT into your operations you can expect to see:

  • Fuel costs reduced by up to 25% through eliminated personal mileage, excess idling, and speeding
  • Reduce accident risks by up to 30% through controlling night driving and weekend driving along with eliminating speeding.
  • Reduced insurance costs by 10% through reduced premiums and increased no-claims incentives due to your reduced risk profile.
  • Reduced vehicle capital expenditure as our system clearly shows you vehicles that are not being effectively used – more efficient use results in less vehicles being required to do the same workload. This often overlooked benefit results in significant savings.
  • Improved workforce productivity, the Human Resources costs of abuse is often overlooked yet the cost of wayward employees is significant. Improved control in the area of vehicle use and abuse will result in a more disciplined and productive workforce in all areas of the company.